Partner Resources

What is DentistLink?

DentistLink is a free referral service for anyone in Washington state, brought to you by Arcora Foundation, the foundation of Delta Dental of Washington. It’s an easy-to-use tool that can connect patients with dental providers to get the dental care they need in their communities. We’re a free non-profit referral service, connecting everyone to dental care. We can make the right dental referral for you, whether you are uninsured or insured, including Apple Health (Medicaid).

Referral partners

Community-based organizations, health care systems, and non-profits that are big or small can connect directly with DentistLink to help their clients find dental care. We have over 30 organizations across the state that refer clients to us including behavioral health providers, emergency rooms, and medical care organizations. Once we receive the referral, we reach out to the client directly to find out their oral health needs and make the right referral. We can share results with our partners that include where the dental referral was made and the outcome of the referral.

Our referral partners can connect with us in two ways:

  1. Send us referrals by logging into our website.
  2. Send us referrals directly from your electronic health or medical record system.

To become a referral partner, we will sign a data share or business associate agreement before we begin sharing information.

For more information, please contact us at or call us at 509.532.6010.

Additional marketing resources for referral partners.

DentistLink cards are available in multiple languages.

DentistLink postcards are available in several languages