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DentistLink helps with finding dentists who take low-income patients in Spokane

Do you need to find a dentist taking new patients in Spokane? Let DentistLink help. DentistLink is a free referral service for finding a low income dentist Spokane WA community members have been utilizing for the care they need.

We assist people all across Washington, whatever their insurance coverage is, whether it’s Apple Health (Medicaid), other insurance, or no dental insurance at all. We help anyone find a dental office that we know is taking new patients, and Spokane is one of our main service areas. If you live in Spokane and are looking for a low-income dentist, read on for more on how we can help you get in with a dentist for quality care.

DentistLink can do most of the work in finding a low income dentist in Spokane for you

DentistLink is powered and funded by Arcora Foundation, the foundation of Delta Dental of Washington, so there is no cost to people in the state of Washington to use this referral service. That includes Spokane! There is no charge for our help with finding dentists in Spokane who are accepting new patients.

You’ve taken a good first step toward finding a dentist by searching for “low income dentist Spokane WA” and arriving here at DentistLink. What are the next steps to using our services in Spokane? From here you have some choices. You can use our website as described below, or you can get even more personal assistance with help specific to finding Spokane dentists by calling or texting our toll-free number, 844-888-5465, to speak to a member of our DentistLink team.

You can reach the DentistLink referral specialists between 8 am and 5 pm Monday through Friday, and if you call outside business hours, you can leave a voice message any time. If you leave a voice message, a referral specialist will contact you as soon as possible. The referral specialist will take down your information  and then provide you with the name and contact information for a dentist that meets your needs in Spokane.

If instead, you’d like to use our website search, go to the home page to select one of two other options we offer for finding a low-income dentist:

1. Use our search tool to find a low income dentist in Spokane. With this option, you simply fill out a form providing a reason for the visit, your zip code, age, phone number and insurance status. DentistLink searches the directory and provides you the name of one or more dental providers, their addresses, and the distance from your zip code. When you click on the name, a phone number, map to their location and other information you need to call and schedule an appointment will appear.

2. Have DentistLink contact me. With this option, you can fill out an online form to provide a referral specialist your information, so when they contact you to make a referral, they already have the information you shared to assist with finding the right Spokane, WA dentist that meets your needs. The form asks whether you are looking for a dentist for yourself or someone else, your name, how  best to contact you, and, similar to the search option, also asks for your zip code, your date of birth, your reason for needing a dental visit, and your insurance information (whether that is Apple Health, no insurance, or other insurance). In addition, the form asks whether you or the person you are searching on behalf of is pregnant or has diabetes.

An advantage of options #2 or calling/texting is that you can utilize the expertise of a DentistLink referral specialist who can help you in additional ways. For example, the referral specialists speak both English and Spanish and can connect to interpretive services for over 300 languages if needed. They also have access to childcare providers and transportation services to help make sure you can get to your dental appointment.

Call a DentistLink specialist for a referral to a Spokane dentist: 844-888-5465

Making your own inquiries for low income dental providers

If you decide to do your own research, you may find that a number of providers listed as accepting certain kinds of insurance, or no insurance, only provide certain services or may not be taking new patients.

Some search functions other than DentistLink provide lists of dental care options for the Spokane area, but you may find that they may be out of date, with providers no longer available or clinics that provide medical care but not dental care.

Still, if you want to go your own way and skip the services of a referral specialist, the sidebar includes some clinics in Spokane and the outlying area where you may be able to utilize free or low-cost dental care and is current as of December 2021.

Search our directory for low-cost dental care in your area

ABCD: Another option for dental care for young children in Spokane

If you are or someone you know is looking for low-income dental services for a young child or children in Spokane, the ABCD program is a good place to start. ABCD, which is short for Access to Baby and Child Dentistry, was started by dentists in Spokane more than 20 years ago and has been so successful that it has spread to every county in Washington state. It has even been lauded nationally for significantly increasing access to dental care for young children.

Services provided through ABCD include fluoride varnish applications to prevent cavities, dental exams, and restorative care to children up to age 6, along with education for parents on improving their children’s oral health, for families covered by Apple Health (Medicaid). You can learn more about the ABCD program and find your local ABCD coordinator on the ABCD website. Your local ABCD coordinator can tell you more about the program in your community and how to best care for your child’s oral health.

You can also receive a referral to an ABCD dentist near you by contacting DentistLink. Call or text 844-888-5465, or use our online form, to connect with a referral specialist who can tell you more about the ABCD program and find the right dentist for your child. If you rather use our website Find a Dentist search tool, you can find a checkbox for ABCD dentists under Advanced Features.

Dental care is important for young kids and, ultimately, for people of all ages. Dental pain can prevent children from getting enough sleep, make it difficult to eat healthy foods, and interfere with concentration and learning in school. Cavities in baby teeth can be passed on to adult teeth, dental infections can spread to other parts of the body, and oral disease is linked to heart disease, stroke, pneumonia and other serious health issues.

Some Low-Cost Dental Care Options in Spokane County

CHAS (Community Health Association of Spokane) offering dental services for adults and kids on a sliding fee scale depending on income – in Spokane, Spokane Valley, Cheney, and Clarkston.

The NATIVE Project providing services for all people on a sliding fee scale. Also accepts Medicaid, Medicare and most private insurance. No co-pay with proof of Tribal enrollment/descendency.

Unify Community Health Northeast Community Center providing dental care regardless of ability to pay, when they are accepting new patients.

Eastern Washington University Dental Hygiene Clinic providing services by appointment only. Accepts Medicaid and some private insurance.

This is not an exhaustive list of Spokane County providers that offer free or sliding-scale dental services. Our Find a Dentist tool is the most up-to-date resource for finding low income dentists in Spokane.

Or call or text for assistance from a DentistLink referral specialist: 844-888-5465

Specialized dental care for people with diabetes and pregnant people in Spokane

If you or someone you know is looking for a low income dentist in Spokane WA and is pregnant or has diabetes, DentistLink can find a dentist who specializes in care during pregnancy and living with diabetes. Our DentistLink referral specialist team can connect to you a dentist who is specially trained through a program called Oral Health Connections (OHC). This program, managed by Arcora Foundation and the Washington State Health Care Authority, trains dentists in Spokane, Thurston, and Cowlitz counties to know how your oral health is connected to your other health conditions. All OHC dentists accept pregnant and diabetic patients with Apple Health.

By seeing an Oral Health Connections dentist, you will take comfort in knowing they have the skills to effectively provide routine dental care for patients who are pregnant or who have diabetes. OHC dentists know the unique signs of oral concerns—like cavities or gum disease—and can catch them early. If you are eligible for OHC services, you can receive up to three (3) additional periodontal maintenance appointments per twelve-month period, for a total of four (4) per year. Periodontal maintenance is a special deep cleaning to make sure all parts of your mouth are kept healthy, specifically the gums. This includes removing tartar, cleaning between your teeth, cleaning in your gums, and checking your gums for infection. Since issues with gum disease (also known as periodontitis) are known to be connected to management of diabetes and pregnancy, it’s important to see a dentist regularly to make sure your gums are healthy.

Call or text our DentistLink referral specialist team at 844-888-5465 to learn more about dental care for you or someone you know who is pregnant or who has diabetes. Our referral specialist will be happy to connect you with an Oral Health Connections dentist. If you are using our search tool, you will see a note that says “Are you pregnant or diabetic and live in Spokane, Thurston or Cowlitz County? Call our referral specialist at 844-888-5465 to get connected to a provider.”

Diabetes and oral health

It is important to know that the health of your mouth is connected to the health of your whole body. For people with diabetes, poor oral health can lead to gum disease, which can make it harder to control blood sugar. Gum diseases can range from gingivitis, when bacteria in the plaque around the base of teeth build up and cause swelling of the gums, to severe periodontitis. Diabetes also reduces the body’s ability to fight infection, making gum disease more likely and more severe. In fact, people with diabetes are three times more likely to develop gum disease, making it more difficult to manage blood sugar which can lead to diabetes complications. This is why DentistLink offers special referral services to specially-trained dentists for people in Spokane who have diabetes. Call or text 844-888-5465 for a referral to a low income dentist who works with diabetic patients.

Pregnancy and oral health

In pregnancy, going to the dentist and getting needed treatment can help ensure a healthy pregnancy and greatly reduce the chances a baby will get cavities during the first few years of life. Cavities are caused by bacteria in the mouth that can pass from parent to child through things like kissing or sharing utensils. So it’s important that a parent, even during pregnancy, receives routine dental care to prevent cavities or get any cavities addressed early.

More severe oral disease can also be associated with preeclampsia, which is characterized by high blood pressure and signs of damage to the kidneys or other organs that can lead to serious and even fatal complications to the pregnant person and baby. Oral disease can also make it more difficult to control gestational diabetes, which may require management of blood sugar to maintain the health of the pregnant person and baby. It’s common for pregnant people to experience other oral health concerns like swollen gums, teeth pain, and morning sickness, where the stomach acid from vomiting can damage tooth enamel. Pregnant Spokane residents who are dealing with any of these common oral concerns during pregnancy can get care from one of the specially trained dentists we can help you find.  Again, call DentistLink at 844-888-5465 to connect with a dentist who offers special services during pregnancy. These dentists can help you best protect your teeth.

Summary on finding low income dentists in Spokane WA

There are many options for low income dentists in Spokane WA, but it can be hard to know where to start if you are searching by yourself. Whether you need a routine checkup or more specialized care, DentistLink can help connect you to the right dentist for your needs—without the headache of Googling or calling office after office, only to find out the dentist doesn’t accept your insurance. DentistLink helps everyone find a dentist in Spokane WA, even if you have Apple Health or no dental insurance. DentistLink is a low income dentist Spokane WA search service ready to help.

Call or text today for our assistance with finding a low income dentist in Spokane: 844-888-5465