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Tips, tricks, tools, and referral specialists – just for you, Seattle – to help you find a dentist taking Medicaid

We know it can be tough to find a Medicaid dentist Seattle. All across the country, it is not easy to find a dentist who take Medicaid, and our city is no exception. For many, the task of finding a Seattle dentist accepting new patients with Apple Health (Washington state’s Medicaid program) may feel near impossible. You may have consulted lists, like King County’s list of Medicaid dentists or the Washington State provider search tool, but found that many of the listings are now outdated. Or perhaps a dentist you used to see no longer accepts Medicaid. That’s why we have put together this guide for people in Seattle on how to use DentistLink tools and other resources to find the best Medicaid dentist for you and your family.

DentistLink is a free referral service for anyone in Washington state, specializing in helping people with Medicaid or with no dental coverage. Read on to learn how DentistLink can help you find the right Medicaid dentist Seattle has for your oral health needs and make the most of your Medicaid dental benefits.

Looking for a Seattle Medicaid dentist? Call or text DentistLink for a free referral:

Helping thousands in Washington connect to dental care

Last year, DentistLink helped over 38,000 users in Washington state find the right dental care to meet their needs. Our knowledgeable referral specialists have up-to-date information on dental offices all across the state, including which ones are currently accepting patients with Medicaid in the Seattle area. These referral services are all free because DentistLink is fully funded by the foundation of Delta Dental of Washington (Arcora Foundation). DentistLink is also a partner of the Washington State Health Care Authority and is now the recommended way for Apple Health/Medicaid enrollees to find a dentist. Many people have found DentistLink to be a convenient, useful tool for finding the dental care they need to stay healthy. Says one satisfied DentistLink user:

“I was struggling to locate an affordable provider who would see the entire process through to a satisfactory result. Through DentistLink I was able to find a suitable provider and get dentures that fit properly. Now I can smile, talk, laugh and eat without worry.”

J., DentistLink user

Because of DentistLink, J. was able to get the affordable care she needed. That’s the power of our free, knowledgeable referral service!

DentistLink: One of the best ways to find a Medicaid dentist in Seattle

This website and our toll-free number, 844-888-5465, provide quick and easy access to a dentist in Seattle who sees patients covered by Medicaid (Apple Health).

Calling or texting 844-888-5465 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday connects you to a referral specialist who can help find dentists in Seattle. You can also send a text to the same number, or call the number at other times to leave a voice message, and a referral specialist will contact you as soon as available.

The referral specialist will ask for your basic information to aid their search:

  • Your name.
  • Your age
  • Your reason for needing to see a dentist.
  • Your zip code.
  • Your insurance coverage (such as Medicaid / Apple Health)

Then, they will provide you with the name and contact information for a Medicaid dentist in Seattle who can set up an appointment to see you.

Using the search tool gives you the opportunity to fill out a brief form with the same information our referral specialists ask in the option above. Searching the directory will provide you the name of one or more Seattle dental providers, their addresses, and the distance from your zip code. Clicking on the dentist’s name will give you a phone number, map to their location and other information so you can set up an appointment. This search tool is available for anyone in Washington state to use 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

There is also the option of filling out a contact form to have a referral specialist contact you. You can complete this form for not just yourself, but also your spouse, parent, or child. Simply fill out basic contact information, the reason for the dental visit, and your Apple Health patient ID number (if you know it). Then, one of our referral specialists will do the search for you. When they contact you, they will be able to answer any questions you may have – and they will supply the name and contact information for a dentist in Seattle who takes Apple Health/Medicaid and who can meet your needs..

Our referral specialists speak both English and Spanish and have access to additional interpreter services if another language is needed. They can also refer you to childcare providers and transportation services to help make sure you can get to your dental appointment.

Find a Seattle dentist that takes Medicaid using our online directory

Medicaid/Apple Health Covers a Wide Range of Dental Services

In Seattle, as most areas of the state, the Medicaid program is known as Apple Health. Over one million adults in Washington receive dental coverage as part of their comprehensive Medicaid benefits. However, only 20% of adults with Medicaid saw a dentist in 2020, with an even lower percentage of 18% for adults with Medicaid in King County.

If you’re looking for a Medicaid dentist in Seattle, you still may be unsure of what services are covered. Apple Health covers a variety of services for eligible adults and children age 20 and younger, and for people who have a Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) designation. These include:

  • Routine exams
  • Cleanings
  • X-rays
  • Fillings
  • Fluoride applications
  • Extractions
  • Other limited services such as root canals, dentures, oral surgery and care of gum disease

Your ProviderOne services card works as your proof of insurance for both medical and dental coverage. Be sure to bring this card with you so that your dental provider can make sure your service is covered. If you have Apple Health but can’t find your physical ProviderOne card, you can find a digital version of your card through the WAPlanfinder Mobile App.

People of all ages may be eligible for coverage under Apple Health, including yourself, your parents, and your children. DentistLink has a brief overview of Washington state’s dental benefits through Apple Health, including how to see if you qualify and enroll. The Washington State Health Care Authority, which administers the state’s Apple Health program, has more information on how to use your Apple Health coverage.

Once you book your dental appointment, DentistLink has some quick tips and reminders to help your appointment with a Medicaid dentist be a success.

“DentistLink is a lifesaver. Without you I would probably never have seen a dentist. I’m so very grateful. You seriously saved my life.”

Robert, DentistLink user

Don’t delay in finding a dentist

Whatever path you choose for finding a dentist in Seattle that accepts Medicaid / Apple Health, don’t put it off. Oral health problems are serious and affect your overall health as well. In addition to the pain and disabling effects of tooth decay and gum disease, oral disease is linked to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, complications in pregnancy, and other serious illnesses and medical conditions.

For the quickest and easiest solution, remember: Our DentistLink staff can help you connect to the right Medicaid dentist Seattle has for your needs!

Making your own inquiries for a Seattle dentist

If you’d like to do your own search for a dentist in Seattle who takes Medicaid, there are a number of potential options.

Neighborcare Health Dental Care provides services at 6 locations across Seattle, including Rainier Valley and High Point in West Seattle.

International Community Health Services provides dental services for Medicaid covered patients in two Seattle locations:

ICHS also operates a mobile dental clinic that serves Seattle-area middle schools and high schools.

Other potential options for a dentist in Seattle that accepts Apple Health/Medicaid include:

This is not an exhaustive list of Seattle providers that accept Medicaid. Our Find a Dentist tool is the most up-to-date resource for finding Medicaid dentists in Seattle.

Or call or text for assistance from a DentistLink referral specialist: 844-888-5465

Looking for a Seattle Medicaid dentist? Call or text DentistLink for a free referral: 844-888-5465